Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Orleans in the 1700s!!
The Mark of the King
by Jocelyn Green

Julianne Chevalier is a midwife in Paris in the 1700’s.  When she is falsely accused of murder in the death of one of her  clients, she must choose between jail or exile to the new French colony in the Louisiana. The historical background of the French settling their new colony with convicts is unusual subject matter. Author Jocelyn Green is up to the task and gives her readers a real taste of what it must have been like – a lot of mud and mosquitoes!  Besides choosing to avoid prison, Julianne is also intent on finding her brother, Benjamin, who is in Louisiana with the military and whom she has not heard from in two years. However, when she makes the choice, she does not know it includes a forced marriage to another convict so she must make the trip to the colony and establish a home with a stranger for a husband.  And this is only the beginning of the adventure!  This novel includes mystery as well as romance and themes of forgiveness, sacrifice, and the importance prayer. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Historical romance loaded with humor and suspense!

For the record 

by Regina Jennings

This historical romance begins with a bang as masked men invade the town set in the Ozark Mountains of 1885.  The new deputy, Joel Packett, finds he has a lot more to contend with than just the masked men.  He comes up against newspaper woman, Betsy Huckabee and the battle begins!  The battle includes romance (of course!), humor, mystery, and vigilantes! Both Joel and Betsey learn a lot about themselves and each other as well and what makes up true heroism in life.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

 Christian Fantasy At Its Best!

(Note:  The Shattered Vigil is second in a series, and you need to read the first book, called The Shock of Night  to follow this story. There is also currently a prequel called By Divine Right -available for FREE for Kindle.)

In the first book, the reader finds out how Willet Dura, the crime investigator for the King, is able to penetrate the deepest thoughts of the people he touches.  Also, the world is revealed as divided between the Gifted and the Common.  As Will pursues the most recent murder, he uncovers the evil plot that potentially threatens to destroy the very existence of the society he knows and loves.
The first books ends with a victory over the dark forces but that turns out to be just a small battle as the second book reveals the magnitude of the larger war, itself.  Will Dura is an exceptional crime fighter and, with the help of his “gift”, he is able to meet the enemy and somehow survive the near death struggles he encounters.
The well rounded characters, the nonstop action, and surprising fantasy world make these books must reads. I highly recommend The Darkwater Series by Patrick Carr.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

You are there! Biblical Fiction!
Shadow of the storm 
(Out from Egypt trilogy - Book Two)
 by Connilyn Cossette
This second book in the “Out from Egypt” trilogy expands on the life of the young Hebrew girl, Shira.  Author Connilyn Cossette includes details of the wilderness experience that make the readers feel that they are actually there in the beginning of the forty year journey with the Children of Israel.  Besides Shira, the story revolves around her love interest, Ayal, and her enemy, Dvorah.   There is a strong spiritual message of forgiveness and love for yourself as well as forgiveness and love for others. This book is well written and intriguing until the very last page!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

No way up 
 by Mary Connealy 
(Book One in the new series “The Cimarron Legacy”)
 This novel begins with a bang, literally, when Heath Kincaid and his boss, Chance Boden are nearly crushed by rocks avalanching down the mountain. Heath escapes but when he finds his boss covered by the rocks and close to death, he uses the medical training he learned “while scouting for the army” to save Chance’s life. When Chance has to be taken to Denver for further medical treatment, he insists that his will be read and the conditions enforced during his absence. All of his grown children, Justin, Sadie, and Cole must return to the ranch and live there together for a year or else the ranch will be given to a distant cousin. Although the siblings love each other, they do not get along at all. When Heath discovers evidence that the avalanche was purposely set, he and the three siblings band together to search for answers. All their lives change as a result of this quest, including strong romantic feelings that develop between Heath and Sadie. This book has everything and more including action, mystery, romance, and even a little mix of comedy sprinkled throughout! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Porter Family Series - Three brothers and One sister and FOUR very different romances!

The Porter family series is a page turner from beginning to end. Becky Wade’s characters are well rounded and totally believable as are the situations surrounding them. Each book builds on the other and continues the story with additional details as well as the timeline. That being said, it is important to read the books in order starting with Undeniably Yours , the story of the oldest of the Porter siblings, Bo Porter. Book two in the series is titled Meant to be mine and Book three is entitled A love like ours. Her One And Only is the final book in the series and while it is the story of the youngest of the siblings, 25 year old Dru Porter, it also very nicely concludes the story of Bo Porter and his wife and new born twins! Great series that I am suggesting all my friends read!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Egyptian girl experiences the great Exodus

Counted with the stars
(Out from Egypt Trilogy - Book One) 
by Connilyn Cossette
Kiya is the daughter of a wealthy merchant in ancient Egypt dreaming of marrying a handsome Egyptian. But when her father’s fortune is lost at sea, Kiya is sold into slavery and all her dreams are crushed. She becomes friends with another slave girl, Shira, who is Hebrew and when the ten plagues hit Egypt, Shira is able to explain the cause and eventually provide the escape. As Kiya joins the throng of escaping Hebrews and journeys with them toward the promise land, she begins to know the God behind it all. The author presents a new view of the experience of the plagues and the journey through the eyes of an Egyptian who is adopted into the family of God. It is an accurate representation of the times and the experience as well as being an excellent story.