Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Heart’s Appeal 

by Jennifer Delamere

(Series: London Beginnings, Book Two)

The series is entitled “London Beginnings” .  The Heart’s Appeal is the second book in the series. The story takes place in 1881 in London when women were just beginning to take their place outside the home.  Julia Bernay is determined to attend medical school and become a doctor.  The powers that be do not want the school to succeed and have employed Michael Stephenson, a up and coming young lawyer, to see that their law suit against the school shuts it down.  At the scene of an accident Julia rushes to help the injured,  one of whom is Michael Stephenson.  He owes her his life and that makes it somewhat difficult to continue the court case against her chosen medical school.  The story of how he resolves this difficulty is told with many interesting and surprising details.  This is an excellent read with well developed characters and historically accurate facts interwoven with a faith based thread.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lisa T. Bergren
(The Sugar Baron's Daughters #1)
Keturah is the first book in The Sugar Baron’s Daughters Series by Lisa T. Bergren. The story takes place on the island of Neves in the Caribbean in the late 1700s.  Keturah and her sisters, Verity and Selah, travel there from England in order to salvage their inheritance of a sugar plantation after the death of  their father.  The author has obviously researched the history of the physical conditions of the island as well as the condition of slavery at that time and provides detailed background descriptions of what life was like in 1772.  This is a well written book with well developed characters.  There is some romance but it is a side story to the themes of wife abuse, male authority, and slavery. The faith of Keturah grows with the hardships and results in a very satisfying story.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Four Diamonds!

Hearts Entwined

A historical romance novella collection
This book offers well written novellas by familiar authors of series books.  The four common elements are history, romance, the west, and inspiration.  The characters of each story are a continuation of those in the different series.  Those who have read the series will enjoy familiar characters but those who have not read previous series will still enjoy the stories for themselves.  
Regina Jennings “Bound and Determined” continues the Fort Reno Series with Bradley Willis, the young recruit, having to accompany camels (?) and a beautiful young lady across Indian Territory. This unusual story involves delightful humor along with romance.  The other three stories are also filled with surprises and inspiration.  Karen Witemeyer’s story, “The love knot”,  concludes The Ladies of Harper's Station series with a very satisfactory ending. Mary Connealy's tale, The tangled ties that bind”, is filled with humor and twists as she revisits the Kincaids  who have now matured in her story. Melissa Jagears' “Tied and True”, is about and man and a woman who are both too stubborn, each in their own way, Yet, amazingly, each is able to overcome the obstacles and realize what is really important and what he/she really wants – to be together!
The four stories are like four small diamonds in one setting for everyone to enjoy!  So enjoy!
This book was sent to me by the publisher for my review.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Holding the Fort
Regina Jennings
(Fort Reno Series; Book One)
When Louisa Bell loses her job as a dance-hall singer, she is forced to search out other employment and check on her brother, Bradley, in the cavalry at the same time. Bradley has run into trouble with the commander of Fort Reno, Major Adams and Louisa believes she can help right the situation. Major Daniel Adams has his hands full at Fort Reno. He not only has the responsibility of his troops but also his two adolescent daughters. Daniel is a widower and must find a governess to guide his girls or his mother-in-law is threatening to take them from him.When Louisa finds herself mistaken for the missing governess, she accepts the role and attempts to do her best acting job ever! Initially Major Adams is taken back by her unorthodox manner of teaching but as time goes by; he becomes enthralled with her beauty and comes to respect her hard work and obvious success with his daughters. But the Major does have questions at to the mysterious relationship between his governess and the low life recruit, Bradley.  Louisa has questions as to how long before the Major finds out who she really is and how it will affect not only her brother but the young girls she has come to love and, of course, her other love, the Major.  Intertwined in the story are humorous situations and romance all surrounding the history of Fort Reno.  This is the first book in the Fort Reno Series.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The Sound of Rain
Sarah Loudin Thomas

Unlikely Romance in the 1950s!
By looking  at the cover of the book, one would think it is about sadness.  The title, The Sound of Rain, might lead one to believe the book is as comforting as rain on a roof.  Both assumptions would be wrong.  This book is full of hope and action!  It is set in South Carolina and Kentucky in the 1950s.  It is a tale about a budding romance between an ex-coalminer and the wealthy daughter of the local timber company.  He is down to earth practical and she is a spoiled dreamer.  Through their relationship, Judd Markley begins to see the true heart that beats within this girl who dreams of helping the down trodden of Appalachia.  Together they grow to depend on and appreciate one another as each sacrifices a little of his/her own dreams in order to form a new direction that satisfies them both.  

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The two of us
Victoria Bylin

This romance, set in Las Vegas, is about two couples.  The story begins with the upcoming wedding of Lucy who is the younger sister of Mia, the main character.  Mia is not certain that Lucy should marry at eighteen especially since she has become pregnant.   To add to the stress is the groom’s ROTC obligation to the military which takes him away for days at a time. The groom’s  friend is Jake who is dealing with his own issues  in relation to his former law enforcement job.   As Mia and Jake work together on the wedding, they develop a close relationship.  However, Mia is a nurse practitioner and feels a calling to serve God in the medical field.  There is much conflict as both Jake and Mia question their roles in life and seek to find the answers for their future together.   This is a well written novel with fully developed characters and a twist at the end!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Where we belong
By Lynn Austin

The story revolves around two wealthy and well educated sisters from the city of Chicago in the late 1800s.  Their father finances their love of travel to exotic places such as Israel and Egypt.  The story begins in 1890 with them being stranded in the Sinai Desert and then quickly flashes back to 1860 for the back story.  Austin expertly writes in this back and forth manner throughout the novel as the story unwinds.  Included in the adventures are also the well developed characters of their young maid, Kate Rafferty and their butler, Soren Peterson among others.  Their unusual adventures offer many surprises and their underlying faith in it all makes for a solid and satisfying story.