Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Name Unknown


Roseanna White

(Shadows over England - Book 1)

Rosemary Gresham is a well seasoned thief who is hired to find proof  that a certain English gentleman, Peter Holstein,  is a traitor to the crown and has secret loyalties to Germany. Germany is on the brink of World War I so these accusations are an attempt to prove  treason.  Peter, on the other hand, is anxious to disprove any connection to Germany and hires Rosemary to find the documents to support his standing as a loyal English citizen. Peter is distracted by his real secret and that is he is a very successful writer of crime novels under an assumed name.  More importantly, he is a man of deep faith and care for others that surpasses even his own needs and safety at times.  Rosemary has never met anyone like Peter.  As she comes to know him better, she, herself,  changes as she deals with her own growing faith.  This is a book of action, humor, mystery and wonderfully drawn characters with a totally surprising ending.  It is an excellent first book in the new “Shadows over London” series.  Can’t wait for #2!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

With You Always
Jody Hedlund
(Orphan Train Series; Book #1)
Thornton Quincy has been challenged by his ailing father to build a city in Illinois in 1857 in order to determine if he or his twin brother will inherit his father's building empire.  The brothers are give a mere six months to complete their separate cities.  As if that in not enough, each of the men also must find a suitable wife in the bargain.  Enter Elise Neumann. Elise is desperate to provide a living for herself along with her two younger sisters after the death of her parents.  Her hope is in the Children's Aid Society and the trains carrying skilled workers to the new town out west.  She meets and impresses Thornton Quincy so much that he selects her for his town.  He thinks he is saving her but it is Elise who saves him.  She impacts his life with a new way of looking at things and changes his perspective without knowing it.  The author tells a wonderful story of two people from totally different worlds who are able to change their present world and their future prospects for the good of all involved.  

Saturday, June 3, 2017

True to you

by Becky Wade
(Book #1 Bradford Sisters Romance)

Author Becky Wade opens her book with an attention getting scene when the main character, Nora, is in a life threatening circumstance.  She is at the mercy of a crazed gunman and it isn’t all “fun and games”!  The reader quickly learns that this is all staged and Nora is one of the actors there at the behest of her sister, Britt.  This unusual beginning sets the stage for Nora’s meeting with the other main character, former Navy Seal John Lawson. After John rescues Nora, he learns she is a genealogist and the relationship begins ; that is, the working relationship. John needs a genealogist to help him find his birth mother so he can get his medical history.  He has been diagnosed with Malattia Leventinese, an inherited condition.  The more they work together, the closer John and Nora are drawn to each and the more each of them can see God working in their lives. Their relationship has ups and downs and more than one surprise. The author presents us with an excellent story including well rounded characters who experience “God’s ability to strengthen us to deal with all our circumstances” and come out victorious. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Noble Masquerade
by Kristiann Hunter
Triple Crown - Romance, Mystery, and Fun!

Excellent characters put into multi-dimensional situations make a delightful read from start to finish. Miranda is a strong aristocratic lady who does not fit the mold and she finds herself falling for her brother's valet, Marlow.  Marlow is a servant unlike any servant she has ever encountered. However, she is also captivated by the mysterious Duke of Marshington.  Miranda and the Duke play against each other in several well written scenes especially in the second half of the book.  So the fun begins.The historical setting in 1800's England is a perfect background to this perfect tale of mystery and romance.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Orleans in the 1700s!!
The Mark of the King
by Jocelyn Green

Julianne Chevalier is a midwife in Paris in the 1700’s.  When she is falsely accused of murder in the death of one of her  clients, she must choose between jail or exile to the new French colony in the Louisiana. The historical background of the French settling their new colony with convicts is unusual subject matter. Author Jocelyn Green is up to the task and gives her readers a real taste of what it must have been like – a lot of mud and mosquitoes!  Besides choosing to avoid prison, Julianne is also intent on finding her brother, Benjamin, who is in Louisiana with the military and whom she has not heard from in two years. However, when she makes the choice, she does not know it includes a forced marriage to another convict so she must make the trip to the colony and establish a home with a stranger for a husband.  And this is only the beginning of the adventure!  This novel includes mystery as well as romance and themes of forgiveness, sacrifice, and the importance prayer. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Historical romance loaded with humor and suspense!

For the record 

by Regina Jennings

This historical romance begins with a bang as masked men invade the town set in the Ozark Mountains of 1885.  The new deputy, Joel Packett, finds he has a lot more to contend with than just the masked men.  He comes up against newspaper woman, Betsy Huckabee and the battle begins!  The battle includes romance (of course!), humor, mystery, and vigilantes! Both Joel and Betsey learn a lot about themselves and each other as well and what makes up true heroism in life.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

 Christian Fantasy At Its Best!

(Note:  The Shattered Vigil is second in a series, and you need to read the first book, called The Shock of Night  to follow this story. There is also currently a prequel called By Divine Right -available for FREE for Kindle.)

In the first book, the reader finds out how Willet Dura, the crime investigator for the King, is able to penetrate the deepest thoughts of the people he touches.  Also, the world is revealed as divided between the Gifted and the Common.  As Will pursues the most recent murder, he uncovers the evil plot that potentially threatens to destroy the very existence of the society he knows and loves.
The first books ends with a victory over the dark forces but that turns out to be just a small battle as the second book reveals the magnitude of the larger war, itself.  Will Dura is an exceptional crime fighter and, with the help of his “gift”, he is able to meet the enemy and somehow survive the near death struggles he encounters.
The well rounded characters, the nonstop action, and surprising fantasy world make these books must reads. I highly recommend The Darkwater Series by Patrick Carr.