Saturday, March 15, 2014

History and Romance with a bit of Mystery

Tide and Tempest is Book 3 and the final book in the Edge of Freedom Series by Elizabeth Ludwig.  It can be read separately even though it continues the connection to the revolutionary Irish Fenians group in the 1800s.  Tillie’s betrothed, Braedon, died aboard Captain Morgan’s boat two years previously and the good Captain has returned to New York to check on her welfare.  He feels obligated to help her when he is made aware that his ship’s doctor actually poisoned her fiancĂ©.  In the process, Morgan learns that Tillie’s life is now endanger and his protective instincts change into love as the danger on her life increases.  There is plenty of intrigue and mystery involved as Morgan and his brother, Cass, strive to find out who is behind the murder of Braedon and why the assassin was hired to murder the man Tillie was to marry.
The Edge of Freedom series begins with No Safe Harbor (1) and Dark Road Home (2).

Monday, March 3, 2014

Modern Day Romance

Susan May Warren has authored a new series entitled The Christiansen Family.  The first book, Take a chance on me, centers around four people who must decide to take a chance on each other and, more importantly, take a chance on God.  All begin the story with the belief that God has no desire to be a part of their lives and each travels a different path to come to know the truth of God's love and grace.  The subject of the first book is the eldest of the Christiansen siblings, twenty-eight year old Darek and his attraction to the beautiful new attorney in town, Ivy.   The second book in the series, It had to be you, involves the oldest daughter, Eden, and her role as supporter of younger brother, Owen, who is beginning his career as a professional hockey player in Minneapolis. The story takes a romantic turn with the unusual attraction between Eden and a man who is her exact opposite.