Saturday, November 29, 2014

A devotional with a difference!
Unlike most devotionals that are dedicated only to daily reflections, Longing for More is dedicated to seasonal reflections as well.
So it is in tune to the different rhythms of our lives according each special time of year. For example, the chapter (48) entitled "The long pause" encourages us to pause and reflect, as the year comes to an end, on the past year as well as to prepare for the year to come. To aid us, Willard includes four points under "Reflection" and another four points under "Application".
With these suggestions in place, Willard then leads us into the last chapters of the year surrounding Christmas "Jesus" (49); "Everlasting" (50) and "Heavenly Peace and the Family of God" (51 & 52) which include daily reflections. The author's sensitivity to the music and poetry of our lives is reflected in his selections of scripture and prayers. This is a book to be read over and over again each year to help us to have a Godly perspective and, hopefully, peace, through the unique demands of each season.