Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Name Unknown


Roseanna White

(Shadows over England - Book 1)

Rosemary Gresham is a well seasoned thief who is hired to find proof  that a certain English gentleman, Peter Holstein,  is a traitor to the crown and has secret loyalties to Germany. Germany is on the brink of World War I so these accusations are an attempt to prove  treason.  Peter, on the other hand, is anxious to disprove any connection to Germany and also hires Rosemary to find the documents to support his standing as a loyal English citizen. Peter is distracted by his real secret and that is he is a very successful writer of crime novels under an assumed name.  More importantly, he is a man of deep faith and care for others that surpasses even his own needs and safety at times.  Rosemary has never met anyone like Peter.  As she comes to know him better, she, herself,  changes as she deals with her own growing faith.  This is a book of action, humor, mystery and wonderfully drawn characters with a totally surprising ending.  It is an excellent first book in the new “Shadows over London” series.  Can’t wait for #2!