Sunday, April 17, 2016

Egyptian girl experiences the great Exodus

Counted with the stars
(Out from Egypt Trilogy - Book One) 
by Connilyn Cossette
Kiya is the daughter of a wealthy merchant in ancient Egypt dreaming of marrying a handsome Egyptian. But when her father’s fortune is lost at sea, Kiya is sold into slavery and all her dreams are crushed. She becomes friends with another slave girl, Shira, who is Hebrew and when the ten plagues hit Egypt, Shira is able to explain the cause and eventually provide the escape. As Kiya joins the throng of escaping Hebrews and journeys with them toward the promise land, she begins to know the God behind it all. The author presents a new view of the experience of the plagues and the journey through the eyes of an Egyptian who is adopted into the family of God. It is an accurate representation of the times and the experience as well as being an excellent story.