Saturday, July 23, 2016

No way up 
 by Mary Connealy 
(Book One in the new series “The Cimarron Legacy”)
 This novel begins with a bang, literally, when Heath Kincaid and his boss, Chance Boden are nearly crushed by rocks avalanching down the mountain. Heath escapes but when he finds his boss covered by the rocks and close to death, he uses the medical training he learned “while scouting for the army” to save Chance’s life. When Chance has to be taken to Denver for further medical treatment, he insists that his will be read and the conditions enforced during his absence. All of his grown children, Justin, Sadie, and Cole must return to the ranch and live there together for a year or else the ranch will be given to a distant cousin. Although the siblings love each other, they do not get along at all. When Heath discovers evidence that the avalanche was purposely set, he and the three siblings band together to search for answers. All their lives change as a result of this quest, including strong romantic feelings that develop between Heath and Sadie. This book has everything and more including action, mystery, romance, and even a little mix of comedy sprinkled throughout!